Drill Stem Subs

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Precision Machining Capabilities

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When ordering this product please specify ALL of the following:

OD, ID, connections, overall or shoulder-to-shoulder length, and any specific requirements


Packard International rotary subs are designed and manufactured according to their application. These applications include (but are not limited to) connection crossover subs, saver subs, side entry subs, pump-in subs, circulating subs, lifting subs, impression blocks, reduced section subs, bit subs, swivel subs, etc.

Features and Benefits

Fully Customizable and Certified

The Packard International subs are designed and produced to exacting standards. Customers may specify sizes, heat treatments, material grades, chrome/phosphate/paint coatings, cold working of threads, non-destructive testing, or any other required specification. Material and/or services are fully traceable with certifications made available to all customers for nominal fees upon request.

Connection Flexibility

The Packard International subs can be supplied with any API connection, including many proprietary threads supplied by licensed vendors and OEMs.

Drill Stem Subs for Every Need

Some of the drill stem subs that we provide are:
  • Bit Subs Connect the bit to the drill string
  • Swivel Subs Double-pin subs that connect the swivel to the kelly valve
  • Kelly Saver Subs Save threads on the Kelly valve
  • Crossover Subs Allow change from one thread type to another
  • Pump-In Subs Allow heavier/lighter mud to be circulated into the drill string
  • Lift Subs Allow lifting out the drill string
  • Drill Collar Subs Allow connection between drill pipe and drill collar
  • Impression Blocks Used for downhole fishing
For subs that are not listed, please contact our sales representatives.