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Packard safety valves are designed to either stab into the drill pipe or tubing at the rig floor or are used as part of the drill string to shut off a well kick. Use of these valves in the drill string enhances rig safety.

Features and Benefits

Easy Maintenance

The Packard two-piece safety valve offers the convenience of a two-piece body for easy maintenance. Its full bore also allows the unrestricted flow of drilling fluid — reducing wear on critical parts while providing unrestricted access for downhole tools.

Connection Flexibility

Safety valves can be provided with tubing connections. Special threads are available upon request.

Packard International’s safety valves are built with enough length on each end to allow fully recutting the connections in the event of damage to the threads or shoulders where sealing takes place.

High and Low Pressure Sealing

High and low pressure sealing is assured by the Teflon and metal sealing system of the ball and seats. The ball and lower seat float while the upper seat is fixed in the body. This floating/fixed design aids in low pressure sealing and enables the operator to pressure balance the valve under full rated working pressure.


Packard International’s safetyvalves are designed for even the harshest drilling conditions; however, it is suggested that parts most subject to wear and tear be replaced regularly.

For complete maintenance instructions and valve specifications, please phone 281-399-8771, e-mail, or click the link below to download a PDF.

Download a PDF of complete Maintenance Instructions

Safety Valve Specifications
Complete Valve 310-412200-25 310-478276-27 310-638234-28 310-738314-30
Size, Connection, & Weight 4-1/2" OD
2" EUE
(55 lb)
4-7/8" OD
2-7/8" EUE
(93 lb)
6-3/8" OD
3-1/2" EUE
(138 lb)
7-3/8" OD
4-1/2" EUE
(186 lb)
Valve Components Quantity 2" ID 2-7/16" ID 2-3/4" ID 3-1/4" ID
Body 1 310-412200-25B
(23 lb)
(36 lb)
(69 lb)
(88 lb)
Sub 1 310-412200-25S
(22 lb)
(41 lb)
(50 lb)
(76 lb)
Ball* 1 100016
(4 lb)
(4 lb)
(6 lb)
(9 lb)
Seat* 2 100017
(2 lb)
(2 lb)
(2 lb)
(2 lb)
Seal Ring: PTFE-568*/** 2 PTFE-568-228 PTFE-568-145 PTFE-568-234 PTFE-568-238
Operating Stem* 1 100007-478
(.2 lb)
(.5 lb)
(1 lb)
(1 lb)
Stem O Ring: BUNA 70*/** 1 70-568-125 70-568-125 70-568-229 70-568-229
Spring* 1 SSR-0275-S17 SSR-0325-S17 A3917-042 A-4627-047
Stop Ring* 1 120007 127607 123407 131407
Body O Ring: BUNA 70*/** 1 70-568-339 70-568-342 70-568-347 70-568-430
Seat O Ring: BUNA 70*/** 2 70-568-231 70-568-234 70-568-240 70-568-245
Operating Wrench 1 KVW-412-L KVW-412-S KVW-412-L KVW-412-L
Seal Kit 210-200-SK 210-276-SK 210-234-SK 210-314-SK
Repair Kit 210-200-RK
(9 lb)
(10 lb)
(12 lb)
(15 lb)

*Parts included in the Repair Kit &     **Parts included in the Seal Kit

Represented Safety Valves are rated at 10,000 psi WP. Valves are also available in 5,000 psi WP. Only the most popular sizes are shown above. Please contact Packard International for additional sizes.