Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Testing

Dedicated to the Spirit of Continuous Improvement

Customer satisfaction is our business.

Packard International is dedicated to excellence in product quality and service. As a manufacturer and supplier supporting the drilling industry, we conform to all industry standards and meet or exceed customer requirements and expectations.

Our quality program is focused on providing products and services that surpass customer requirements and create a high level of satisfaction and confidence with the application of our products. Packard is dedicated to the spirit of continuous improvement to meet the increasing demands of our industry.

Conforming to program requirements is just the beginning.

Packard International's quality program is certified in accordance with the latest edition of API Specification Q1, API Specification 7-1 and ISO 9001. Quality policies, quality assurance guidelines and quality control practices are documented in accordance with program requirements. Product design has been refined over years of effective field use.

Our manufacturing organization is staffed with experienced supervision and senior manufacturing professionals with many years of precision machining experience. Material specifications include modern quality practices from material suppliers and steel components heat treated to specific mechanical properties. Material quality is supported with the appropriate documentation, ensuring customers benefit from evolving quality improvements and best practices in the industry.

Our manufacturing quality practices include detailed dimensional and functional checks that include pressure testing valve bodies and seals in accordance with API requirements. All components and assemblies are fully traceable.

Meeting high expectations through an integrated vision.

Finally, the importance of the quality program is emphasized through the integration of the company's goals, staff, strategy, structure and supporting systems to provide confidence that Packard International's products and services will meet or exceed customer expectations.

Download Certs: API Specification 7-1 - API Q1 - ISO 9001:2015