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Packard is an established designer and manufacturer of Top Drive Valves, Kelly Valves, Internal Blowout Preventers (IBOPs), Drop-in Check Valves (DICVs), Drilling with Casing Valves, and Type 'F' Cup Testers. We are also innovators, creating new products and partnering with industry technology leaders to improve drilling efficiency and reduce downtime.

Packard Services

Service and support are available through our headquarters in Conroe, Texas. Packard provides direct support to our customers and can support your preferred repair facility worldwide.

Metal to Metal Sealing

High and Low Pressure metal-to-metal sealing technology available on all top drive valves and many other models. Materials are "H2S Trim", long-wearing and gall resistant.

Class 2 Verification

Internal packages are designed in various IDs, and verified for API Spec 7-1 Class 2 Service. Packard Class 2 valves seal at full working pressure from below, above, and externally; over a temperature range of 14F to 194F.

Stem Configuration

Packard Valves employ a low-torque stem technology through the use of special materials and coatings. The three-part design accounts for tension elongation to allow operation at critical moments. External non-fouling stem stops guarantee full opening and closing of the ball, eliminating erosion and washouts.

Custom Designs

Always eager to assist with your ideas and special needs, the Packard design team will help turn your issues into real solutions.