Packard International Products

Packard International Products

Product Line Acquired from OMSCO

Precision Machining Capabilities

Packard International designs and manufactures reliable drill stem products for every situation including the one- and two-piece kelly valves and drop-in check valve shown above.
The right valve for every situation.

At Packard International, we know that success in the oilfield means having equipment that you can count on day in and day out.

Thatís why Packard International designs and manufactures its own comprehensive line of innovative drill stem products including one- and two-piece kelly valves, safety valves, top drive valves, drop-in check valves, cup testers, rotary subs, and inside blowout preventers.

Made with You in Mind

Always mindful of the changing needs of the industry, Packard International takes tried-and-true oilfield technologies to the next level by designing and manufacturing products that provide ever greater efficiency, longevity, and ease of maintenance.

In addition, Packard Internationalís flexible approach to manufacturing enables us to provide you with the drill stem product that you need ó when you need it. Regardless of your valveís required inner and outer dimensions, thread type and direction, material requirements, or pressure rating, Packard can create the valve thatís perfect for your situation.

Built to a Higher Standard

Not satisfied with merely adhering to industry standards, Packardís stringent quality control, Finite Element Analysis, and real-time testing ensure that each drill stem product also meets or exceeds actual field requirements.

Keeping It Moving

Because downtime is something that no one can afford, Packard products are designed to make routine field maintenance quick and easy. Clear, complete maintenance instructions are available for every applicable product. Also, convenient repair and seal replacement kits make it simple to get the parts you need to keep your valves operating at peak efficiency.

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