Drop-In Check Valves (DICVs)

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When ordering this product please specify ALL of the following:

(1) the smallest drill string bore through which the check valve must pass

(2) the landing sub connection size and type

(3) the outside diameter of mating tool joints


Packard's Drop-in Check Valve (DICV) is used to provide protection from backflow during periods when the drill string is left open or kicks are frequent. The landing sub is installed just above the bit sub. The valve may either be installed with the landing sub or placed in the drill string at the top and pumped down to the landing sub. Once seated it allows downward mudflow only.

The dart is wireline retrievable.

Features and Benefits

Easy Maintenance

The Packard International DICV is manufactured and tested in accordance with API Specification 7-1 with NACE MR0175 compliant internal components. The retrieval tool is attached to a wireline and locks into place when it is lowered to the valve.

Connection Flexibility

The Packard International DICV can be supplied with any API connection or proprietary threads supplied by licensed vendors and OEMs.

High and Low Pressure Sealing

High and low pressure sealing is assured by the unique elastomer and metal-to-metal sealing systems. The DICV is available in pressure ratings up to 15,000 psi working pressure (22,500 psi test pressure).