Internal Blowout Preventers (IBOPs)

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Packard's Inside Blowout Preventer (IBOP) is used to provide shutoff of backflow during periods when the drill string is open. The valve is held with the dart in the open position to allow stabbing during backflow. After stabbing, the flow is shut off by turning the release handle. Once the stab body is removed the drill string can be reconnected to re-establish pressure stabilization. The valve can then be removed and returned to its ready state or it can be left in the drill string to ensure downward flow only.

Features and Benefits

Easy Maintenance

The Packard International IBOP is manufactured and tested in accordance with API Specification 7-1 with NACE compliant internal components. The integral seat design minimizes repair time and costs.

Connection Flexibility

The Packard International IBOP can be supplied with any API connection or proprietary threads supplied by licensed vendors and OEMs.

High and Low Pressure Sealing

High and low pressure sealing is assured by Packard's unique elastomer and metal-to-metal sealing systems. The IBOP is available in pressure ratings up to 15,000 psi working (22,500 psi test pressure).