One and Two-Piece Kelly Valves

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Packard International's innovative and durable Kelly Valves are designed to provide a positive seal in the event of a kick, and can be used as an Upper Kelly Valve, Lower Kelly Valve, Safety Valve or Mud Saver.

Valves are H2S Trim and available in API Spec 7-1 Class 1 or Class 2. All connections are available.

Features and Benefits

Connection Flexibility

Kelly Valves can be provided with left-hand connections compatible with the swivel and upper kelly connections, as well as connections compatible with the lower kelly connections and any mating tool joints. Proprietary threads are available.


All valve bodies, internal components, proprietary threads, OD/ID Coating or plating, cold working of threads and other special requests are fully traceable. Certificates are included in data books accompanying the valves.

H2S Trim and Service

All internals components are H2S resistant and qualify as API Spec 7-1 H2S Trim. Valve bodies can also be requested to comply with NACE Standard MR0175.