Precision Machining Capabilities

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Precision Machining Capabilities

The Daewoo Ace B-130 (top) and the Daewoo Ace V-850 (above) are just two of many CNC machines available for precision machining.
Staying on the Cutting Edge

In addition to producing and marketing drill stem products, Packard International has in-house engineering capabilities, cutting-edge machines, and highly trained machinists, that enables us to offer precision machining services to our customers.

Packard International can machine precision parts of up to 106" in diameter and 24,000 lb in weight ó making us one of fewer than ten companies in the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area with such capabilities.

For a complete list of Packard Internationalís CNC and manual machines and their specific capabilities, please phone 281-399-8771, e-mail, or click the link below to download a PDF.

Download a PDF of Packardís Machining Capabilities