Product Line Acquired from OMSCO

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Product Line Acquired from OMSCO

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This valve design patent is just one of several important patents aquired from OMSCO.
About the OMSCO Kelly Valve Line Acquisition

In April of 2004, Packard International purchased all assets of OMSCO’s kelly valve product line, a mainstay of the oil and gas industry since 1945.

A change in corporate focus within OMSCO lead them to search for another company to continue the production of their world-renowned kelly valve product line.

The OMSCO designed line of kelly valve products enables Packard International to provide a broader array of products for its customers in the international oil and gas drilling market.

Manufacturer of its own respected line of kelly valve products since 1983, Packard International is proud to add OMSCO’s kelly valve product line to its array of other quality products.