One-piece Kelly Valves*

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Product Line Acquired from OMSCO

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When ordering this product please specify BOTH of the following:

(1) Upper or Lower

(2) the size and working pressure

See chart below for complete information.

* Packard International is now the sole manufacturer of this product design acquired from OMSCO.

Valve Overview

This single-piece kelly valve series is another variance to the standard valve where length or working space is a problem. When this valve is removed from the string, the internal parts are accessible for easy field repair.

The smooth outside diameter permits this valve to be run anywhere in the string. A tool kit with instructions is available for assembly and disassembly.

This compact valve, with a maximum overall length of 24", is an excellent choice when special space requirements exist.

Features and Benefits
  • Compact size

  • Ready access to internal parts for easy field repair

  • Adaptable for use anywhere in the string

  • Complete with operating wrench and thread protectors

These one-piece kelly valves are designed for even the harshest drilling conditions; however, it is suggested that parts most subject to wear and tear be replaced regularly.

For complete maintenance instructions and valve specifications, please phone 281-399-8771, e-mail, or click the link below to download a PDF.

Download a PDF of complete Maintenance Instructions

One-piece Upper Valve Specs.
Complete Valve KVSP80
Test Pressure 22,500 psi
Working Pressure 15,000 psi
OD (in.) 8
ID (in.) 3
Length (in.) 24
Approximate Weight (lb) 232
Valve Body KV-680M
Stem KV68100P
Stem O Ring (Set) LK818A&B
Spring LK843000
Seat (Lower) LK844000
Seat Teflon O Ring LK821000
Lower Seat O Ring LK845000
Ball LK846000
Seat (Upper) KV687000
Upper Seat O Ring KV688
Upper Seat Retainer (4 Piece) KV689M
Retaining Funnel KV691VM
Snap Ring KV695V00
Wrench LK841000
Retaining Funnel O Ring A KV693V
Retaining Funnel O Ring B KV694V
Complete Valve Kit KV686000
Assembly & Disassembly Tool Kit SPTK2

One-piece Lower Valve Specifications
Complete Valve LKSP5001 LKSP6300 LKSP65M0
Test Pressure 15,000 psi 15,000 psi 22,500 psi
Working Pressure 10,000 psi 10,000 psi 15,000 psi
OD (in.) 5 6-3/8 6-1/2
ID (in.) 1-3/4 2-3/4 2-9/16
Length (in.) 17 24 24
Approximate Weight (lb) 63 145 150
Wrench-Hex LK841002 LK841000 LK841000
Valve Body LK552001 LK852M00 LK852HM0
Stem (1) LK81700P LK83700P LK83700P
Stem O Ring (set) (1) LK818A&B LK818A&B LK818A&B
Spring (1) LK533000 LK833000 LK833000
Seat (Lower) (1) LK534000 LK834000 LK834H00
Lower Seat O Ring (1) LK535000 LK835000 LK835000
Seat Teflon O Ring (2) LK421000 LK621000 LK621000
Ball (1) LK536000 LK836000 LK836H00
Seat (Upper) (1) LK554000 LK854000 LK854H00
Upper Seat O Ring LK555000 LK855000 LK855000
Upper Seat Retainer (1) LK556000 LK856M00 LK856M00
Retaining Funnel (1) LK557000 LK857M00 LK857MH0
Snap Ring (1) LK561000 LK895000 LK895000
Retaining Funnel O Ring A LK560000 LK689000 LK689000
Retaining Funnel O Ring B LK555000 LK855000 LK855000
Complete Valve Kit (1) LK559000 LK859000 LK859H00
Assembly & Disassembly Tool Kit (1) SPTK4 SPTK1 SPTK3
Available Connections 3-1/2" IF 4-1/2" XH or 4-1/2" IF